Flute Eastman รุ่น EFL420-BO


- It is a universal musical instrument in the C sound level (C) - provides the international standard sound A = 440Hz - The unit is divided into 3 parts - is an advanced instrument.

Brand : East Man



- The casing and keycaps are cast in sterling silver and are plated with shiny silver.

- Press button (key) is an Offset G system

- Keypad is Open Hole

- The lowest note on the B (B footjoint)

-Headjoint made by hand (Hand-cut headjoint)

-Y-arm key cup

Device that comes with the machine

- Cleaning cloth

- Cleaning wood inside the machine


- The box is molded with durable ABS French Style with a nylon bag (Nylon Cover) for carrying the factory standard outside

Quality certification

- 1 year product warranty
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