Keyboard Casio CT-X800


61 keys with haptic feedback, 48 polyphony 600 tones and 195 rhythms Pitch Bend wheel USB device terminal 61 AiX sound source Haptic feedback: 3 Level of response Maximum Polyphony: 48 600 built-in tones 195 built-in rhythms, 160 melodies, lesson function Sound recording function Amp output: 2.5W + 2.5W USB per USB device host

Brand : Casio


AiX sound source offers high quality sound and resonance. The
CT-X Series is equipped with AiX sound source capable of producing a wide range of sound quality. From powerful bass to crystal clear highs The superb processing power of high-performance LSI can reproduce the tones of natural acoustic instruments, such as realistic transitions when a piano key is pressed. The feeling of playing the drums Or the squeaky sound of stringed instruments

A high-speed digital signal processor is applied for each type of sound, such as melody, drum and backing bass, or organ, even the standard ensemble for the keyboard, delivering a distinctive sound for each instrument for a spectacular

display. LCD with highly visible backlight
It displays useful information for both performances or lessons with backlight for clear visibility.

Haptic feedback for spectacular performances (Pressure Sensitive Keyboard)
Ensure the performance is spectacular, with the volume that changes according to key press, just like a real piano.

Responsive piano keyboard
It is a keyboard with piano-style keys for easy learning and realistic performance experience.

It's a keyboard with boxed keys. (White Key Size: Approx. 136 mm Length × Approx. 22 mm Width)
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