Baritone Saxophone Eastman รุ่น EBS640-GL


- It is a universal instrument in E-flat sound level (Eb) - provides the international standard sound A = 440Hz - The unit is divided into 3 parts - is a Professional level

Brand : East Man



- Gold Lacquer metal body, shiny gold lacquer

- Keys (keys) Gold Lacquer metal

- Thumb pad rest), made of metal and adjustable-directional 

- features a High F # key 

- neck and beautiful hand carved speaker

- Gloves made in Italy

- Mitt with resonator steel (Metal Resonator)

- Spring is Blue Steel 

- There are two key support levers Low (C, B, and Bb)

- Hand-molded speakers and hammer.

Equipment that came with the machine

- towel machine

- mouthpiece strap and mouthpiece mouthpiece cap

- tongue baritone saxophone

- Strap


- The bag has a strong, durable shoulder strap outside the factory standard.
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