Soprano saxophone Eastman รุ่น ESS642-GL


- It is a universal instrument in the B flat sound level (Bb) - provides the international standard sound A = 440Hz - The unit is divided into 2 parts - is a professional level machine.

Brand : East Man


-Gold Lacquer shiny metal body.
-The keypad (key) is made of Gold Lacquer metal.
-Mittens made in Italy
-Metal Resonator
-Blue Steel Spring 
- With High F# key 
-The speaker sculpts the pattern by hand beautifully.

Supplied devices
 - Handkerchief
 -Mouthpiece, mouthpiece strap and mouthpiece cover
 - Tongue. Soprano Saxophone
 -Neck strap
 -The bag has a sturdy, durable shoulder strap that standard outside the factory.

Quality Assurance
 -1 year warranty
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