Trumpet Eastman รุ่น ETR420S


- It is a universal instrument in the B flat sound level (Bb) - provides the international standard sound A = 440Hz - is a Student instrument.

Brand : East Man


- The body is made of shiny silver plated metal (Silver-plated)
- The piston (Valve) is made of silver plated metal
- The air hose is 0.460 inches (11.684 mm)
- Medium large pipe - has a 
strong slit on it. Good taps
- The edge of the speaker (Bell) reinforced wire increases durability.

Equipment that came with the machine
- Cleaning cloth
- Mouthpiece (Mouthpiece) 
- Machine box strap
- Cast box with ABS, durable, factory standard outside
Quality certification
- 1 year product warranty
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