Aileen Antonius ไวโอลิน VG-106


Aileen Antonius VG-106 Brand: Aileen Antonius Model: VG-106 Size 1/2 Country of Origin: China Color: Dark Brown Gift: Violin Case, Colored Rod, Ribbed



Aileen Antonius VG-106 - Size 1/2 fits the trainee. Children from 7-9 years have Purfling (Inlaid) 

Aileen Antonius VG-106 - 3/4 size, suitable for trainees. Children from 10-11 years old have Purfling Inlaid

Aileen Antonius VG-106 - standard 4/4 size, suitable for trainees. Adults and children from 12 years old have Purfling Inlaid.

– Top: Solid Spruce

– Back and Sides: Solid Maple

– Fingerboard: dyed hardwood

– Tuning Pegs and Chinrest: dyed hardwood

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