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Stable ลูกแซกพลาสติก(หัวกลม) รุ่น S6

฿ 140 ฿ 140

ลูกแซกพลาสติก Stable รุ่น S5

฿ 160 ฿ 160

ลูกแซกพลาสติก Stable (2 สี) รุ่น S3

฿ 100 ฿ 100

Shaker SK50 GROOVY SHAKER This small, light, precise and highly durable wooden shaker combines all the desired features of a shaker with the playing scope of a Caixixi. Play it horizontally and it sounds like a shaker, play it vertically and it sounds like a Caixixi. Body: birch, beech wood and varying fine woods (walnut, Zebrano, Padouk) Measurements: Ø 4,5 x 10 cm Premium components for best sound and best quality Two-chamber system

฿ 600 ฿ 600

shaker SKSET1 SHAKER SET The basic shaker equipment! A must in every percussion instrument. Premium components for the best sound and the best quality Set of SK30, SK35, SK40

฿ 680 ฿ 680
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