K&M ขาตั้งกีตาร์ 4 ตัว รุ่น ROADIE รุ่น 17604-000-55


K&M ขาตั้งกีตาร์ 4 ตัว รุ่น ROADIE รุ่น 17604-000-55

Brand : K&M


K&M Four Guitar Stands ROADIE Model 17604-000-55 You ever accidentally put your guitar on a plug, cable or jack, it couldn't happen with a unique four guitar stand. Set this newly developed guitar as the perfect stage performance companion. Or at home thanks to the movable and height-adjustable hanger for easy 4-tone electric guitars and bass, and is ready for playing guitar with 11 unusual shapes, they can be safely stored, sized foam rolls. Big soft cover protects guitar from Accidental impact or impact on steel pipes. "Fit for Tour" constraints are stable and durable, the base legs can be folded with little effort in a compact and flat package for transport.

---------- Product Features ----------

Weight: 4.8g

Special Features: Suitable for 4 guitars for special v and x guitar models.

Also suitable for guitars with connectors, cables and harnesses. Foldable for transport

Material: Steel

Suitable for: acoustic and electric guitars.

Base size: 660 * 350 m.

Height: from 1,030 to 1,185 m.
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