BG Ligature รุ่น Standard (Rubber Support)


BG Ligature รุ่น Standard (Rubber Support)


Brand : BG


Founded in 1985 by Franck Bichon, BG is a craft and family business that is constantly evolving. Thanks to its passion, its know-how, that of its suppliers specialized in the high-end and the presence of skilled workers in the sewing and manufacture of ligatures, BG relies on the know-how of experienced artists and of teachers selected to develop the products and develop them. BG Franck Bichon is one of the first French props for wind instruments. Its product line includes more than 300 items, BG Franck Bichon focuses on mid-range and professional level products including a varied range of ligatures, cords, swabs, pad dryers and accessories. BG has more than 300 items on sale, from midrange to professional level products including ligatures, straps, pads, stands, saxophone sets, heated pads, pillows and other cleaning accessories.
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